design of an instrument for live electronics

      This page traces the stages of development of the “HexApp” – an acoustic-digital prototype for experimental performance practice.
The HexApp Project:

Recent look (2024) of the GUI of the HexApp:

Design of a physical – virtual polyphonic/multi input instrument for  live electronics based on real time  digital audio processing.

The core of the project is the multi channel digital processing/transformation system, which is intended to be flexible for multipurpose  usе.

Development of a guitar based poly  processing tool for improvisation is the primer  goal of the project, but more important is  the polyphonic transformation  properties of the tool to be applicable to further creative projects as scored (composed) pieces for instruments or ensembles with use of live electronics for instance. That is what I mean by “flexible for multipurpose use”.

Here one can see the recent status of the project!

Scroll down to track it from the beginning!

Hexaphonic guitar article 2024

Hexaphonic guitar article 2017

An early look of the General User Interface of the real-time DSP environment

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.01.19 PM

The complete setup (2016)


Current design of the Hexaphonic Guitar

Hex pickup guitar

The complete design of the 6 channel preamp


Lex van den Broek


……with the great help of…..


……created by me…..


The 6 channel preamp….


Time for action!


An important step in the beginning – the “surgery”!






Almost the entire setup!



What is the hexaphonic pickup?

….Passive electromagnetic. Coils and magnets. No batteries. No active electronics. No preamps.

A hexaphonic guitar pickup (sometimes called a divided pickup) is a pickup with six outputs (one for each string on the guitar). Polyphonic pickups are pickups with multiple outputs of any number, including heptaphonic pickups for seven-stringed guitars, quadraphonic pickups for bass, and any other possibility. All of my pickups are passive and electromagnetic – these sound much better than piezo or active pickups, which are usually meant for MIDI applications, rather than direct audio output…. 

….Ubertar polyphonic pickups are typically wired to a multi-pin output (7 or 13 pin) and connected via a cable to a breakout box with one 1/4″ output jack per string. A breakout box can also be set up with additional stereo outputs and a left/right switch for each string.


What is in there?

 hexaphonic pickup, breakout box – 7 pin in to 6  1/4 inch jack out , 7 pin cable


The Pandora’s box!

(Just attempt to joke about all the challenges in front of me)


The beginning!

My Silent Yamaha guitar is about to be surgically modified!


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