Vlaev is a composer, performer, sound designer, and educator based in The Hague  (The  Netherlands).  The  interest  in a variety of  musical  languages, forms  and abilities  of expression  provokes  him to  use  different  types  of media to  implement  his  ideas. This is evident in his work which vary from solo  instrumental compositions, through widely distributed chamber music forms  to large-scale orchestral  compositions  with  use  of  electronics,  film music as well as electroacoustic music for fixed media  and  live  electronics performances.

His work has been presented at variety of festivals and venues such as: New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, (New York, US), Sound of the Underground (SOTU) Festival,  (Amsterdam, NL)Sounds of Silence Festival,  (The Hague, NL), Sound & RelationThe  Universe  of Computer Music (Sofia, BG), Azimuth, Grondwater Festival, WFS Festival, ReWire Festival  (The  Hague,  NL),  WORM  ( Rotterdam,  NL),  Connector/STEIM, (Amsterdam, NL), klingt gut!Symposium on Sound (Hamburg, DE), March Music Days Festival (Ruse, BG) and others.

Vlaev gained his Composition Masters in Bulgaria and Poland. His interest in electroacoustic  music  led  him  later to the Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory, The Hague (NL). There Vlaev accomplished a master project focused on the design of a digital system for processing of acoustic sound in real-time and developed a hybrid acoustic-digital instrument with which he performs regularly. More info at: vladimirvlaev.com

List of works:

For instruments and electronics:

Mixed studies #02: E profundo, for clarinet and live electronics, 2020

Mixed studies #01: Diffused Gestures, for accordion and live electronics, 2018

Strange Loops, for prepared  piano and live electronics, 2017

Electroacoustic music for fixed media:

Hallowed Be Thy Name, 5.1 channels, fixed media, 2016

Cell/o/Phonie, 8 channels, fixed media, 2015

Bells reflections, 2 channels, fixed media, 2013

Water, 4 channels, fixed media, 2008

Orchestral music:

Concerto for electronically prepared keyboard, 13 strings, percussions and computer, 2008 – 2009

Chamber music:

Towards Singularity, for an ensemble of 8 instruments, 2018

Zusammen/Getrennt/Zusammen, for wind quintet, 2015

Bells, for guitar quartet, 2013 (revised  2014)

Yin&Yang, trio for clarinet, marimba and piano, 2007

Prelude&Scherzo,  for viola and piano, 2006 – 2007

Variations for brass quintet, 2006

Three songs, to lirycs by Dimcho Debelianov, for female voice and piano, 2005

Hommage a Piazzolla, for violin, accordion, guitar, piano and double bass, 2004

Sonata, for flute & guitar, 2003-2004

Music for guitar ensemble, 2003

For clarinet:

Suite, 2005 – 2006

For guitar:

Fusion, 2014

Small suite in ancient style, 2005 – 2006

Nostalgy, 2004

Asimetrico, 2002

For piano:

Toccata, 2008

Sonatina, 2007

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