• November        3rd and 6th    premieres of Anamorphosis #1 and Anamorphosis #2 for an ensemble of improvisers
  • August        25th     performing with the HexApp in Varna @ ReBonkers
  • June         11th     presenting the Max4Live plugins we have built during the workshops at Resonator
  • May         21th     presentation on the design of the HexApp in Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv
  • May         16th – 19th     participating in the 4th Interdisciplinary PhD Forum of BAS
  • April         14th     SKRTCH with Christian Smith at the SOTU Festival, Amsterdam
  • March         25th     keep touring – in Rouse @Karaoke Star
  • March         17th     touring to the medieval capital of BG, Veliko Tarnovo for a gig at an amazing spot – TAM
  • February         25th     Rootz&Bass live set by ArteFactor at Bobbina Cultural Space
  • February         21th     with Electroacoustic Impro Ensemble at About Last Night Lounge Bar


  • December           4th      Max4Live Workshop at the Forum Festival “Computer Мusic Space” at NBU
  • September          18th      Max4Live Sound Design Workshop at Resonator
  • September          3rd        lecture The Experimental Music of André Boucourechliev at AEON Secret Session X
  • April               26th           with the HyPoChOnDrIaC rEsOnAtOrS at Germaine Dulac’s screening at the                                                           Universiteitstheater, University of Amsterdam                                         
  •  April               22nd           with the HyPoChOnDrIaC rEsOnAtOrS at the SOTU 2022 Festival at                                                                          Vondelbunker in Amsterdam


  • October      14th        world premiere of “E Profundo” for amplified clarinet & live electronics at the                                                                 Union of the Bulgarian Composers, Sofia, BG


  • June          30th        my multichannel performance Pervade the Space was selected to be part of the                                                                 program of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2020                  
  • April          18th        streaming live the tracks of our album  Stories in Sound   as part of the                                                                                CyberSOTU 2020 Festival 
  • February       11th        another appearance of SKRTCH with Christian Smith at Studio Loos


  • December       13th        new collaborative work and a project with Christian Smith – SKRTCH                                                                                  at Helicopter in Myriads #28
  • November       7th      the 8 channels electroacoustic piece “Cell/O/Phonie”  at SONIX #7 in Brno,                                         Czech Republic.
  • March             29th   playing at ReWire festival with the Free Fall Improvisers Orchestra
  • March             17th   world premiere of “Mixed studies #01: Diffused gestures” for accordion

                                         and live electronics at March Music Days 2019  Festival – Rouse, Bulgaria.

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 10.54.28 PM


                                             Kernel Panic series at Studio Loos

kernel panic
  • October           4th     performing at STEIM Amsterdam with my HexApp  at Connector XV
Connector image
  • September     13th    playing in HYPOCHONDRIAC  RESONATORS together with Dan Gibson

                                            – a new project dedicated to digitally processed acoustic instruments.

                                            Dan Gibson (modified cello/computer) & me (hexaphonic guitar/computer)

                                            at Helicopter  on the 23th edition of  Myriads  – a venue curated by Arvind


  • June                8th     Playing my multichannel performance Pervade the Space at klingt gut!

                                        Symposium on Sound in Hamburg, DE

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 4.58.45 PM
  • May                21th    Playing with Octopus Connection ReDutch at Rear Ear, STEIM,

                                           (Amsterdam, NL)

  • May                19th    Playing with the HexApp at the WFS Festival (The Hague, NL)
  • April               10tn    Recording session of my piece for ensemble Towards Singularity at the

                                          Bulgarian  National Radio (Sofia, BG) with Ensemble Musica Nova

  • March            15th     Playing the HexApp at Worm  Pirate Bay , Rotterdam at

                                          Sound House #3 . Playing live sound design on top of a compilation of short

                                            films by the amazing experimental video artist Len Lye.

  • February       21th     Premiere of my piece Strange Loops for prepared piano & live electronics

                                            at Sonology Discussion Concert  #3 2017/2018 together with my dear

                                            Ivan Pavlov (piano)



  • November    30th     I am playing the HexApp at Helicopter on the 16th edition of Myriads –

                                            a venue organized by Arvind Ganga. We will enjoy it together with Riccardo

                                            Marogna  and Laura Agnusdei

Helicopter poster
  • November    10th     16 channel projection version of  the HexApp  as part of Resonating Field at

                                          Quartair , The Hague

All rights reserved. free use only with agreement of the author Joanna Kosowska. The author reserve the right to a free copy of every print or digital publication. Every use have to be credited by: Joanna Kosowska, photographer/ contact: For free use by the project leader, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay only in the context of the project ‘Tumbani: A Landscape in Metamorphoses’.
  • October         4th       Pervade the space – Multichannel hexaphonic pickup guitar at Sonology

                                          Discussion Concert #1 2017/2018

Sonology Concert 4 October 2017
  • October         2nd      SHexApp  Solo Live electronics – real-time DSP   hexaphonic pickup guitar at

                                          Sonology  Show Lab #35 ,  Muziekcafe Lokaal Vredebreuk , Papestraat 38,

                                          2513 AW,  The  Hague, Netherlands

  • May              27th     Diffused (Spatial ) Sound Perspectives #2 Multichannel I/O Live Digitally

                                          Processed Guitar at Research Concert XXII from RCC (Research Concerts  

                                        Cycle),  Studio Loos , De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA The

                                        Hague, Netherlands

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 1.49.18 PM
  • March             4th     Diffused Sound Perspectives #1  Solo Live Electronics/Real Time DSP

                                           at Research Concert XX from RCC (Research Concerts Cycle), 

                                           Studio Loos , De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA The Hague,  


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 1.02.03 PM
  • January        30th    Diffused Sound Perspectives #0  Solo Live Electronics/Real Time DSP

                                           at Sonology ShowLab#30,   Muziekcafe Lokaal Vredebreuk , Papestraat

                                         38, 2513 AW,  The  Hague, Netherlands



  • December    17th      Solo Classical Guitar Pieces (Nostalgia, Asimetrico) at the

                                           “AVONDUUR” – concert with chamber music from Bulgarian composers

                                            Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Den Haag

AFIsh (dragged) 1
AFIsh (dragged)
  • September     8th     Live electronics with  Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble at Het

                                          Koninklijk Conservatorium , Den Haag 

Setup minimalis

                                         LEM@HoM concert, Den Haag, Netherlands

  • May               10th     guitar and live electronics with the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble at

                                         De Koffiefabriek, ,   Amsterdam,


  • March           16th    “Hallowed Be Thy Name”  for fixed media (5.1), premiere at the “Sonology

                                          Discussion Concert”,  The Hague, Netherlands



  • December     2nd  “Cell/O/Phonie”  for fixed media (8 speakers), premiere at the  “Sonology

                                        Discussion Concert  2″,  The Hague, Netherlands

  • September  12th  “Concerto for electronically prepared keyboard,13 strings, percussions

                                        and computer” , bulgarian premiere at the “Chamber Music Days”,

                                        Gabrovo, Bulgaria

  • June      03/04th “Quadraphonic and video experience” -concert with 4 channel fixed        

                                       media  and  audio/video works by selected artists with an introductory

                                         lecture   organised   and  moderated by me at Contemporary Space,

                                       Varna,  Bulgaria

  • March           20th   “Fusion” prelude for guitar – premiere,“Bells” for guitar quartet  at  the

                                          “Classical Guitar Days” , Varna, Bulgaria

  • February   9-10th  “Bells” for guitar quartet – recording session at the Bulgarian National

                                          Radio, Sofia, Bulgaria


  • October       22nd  “Bells” for guitar quartet (revised) – “New Bulgarian Music” festival,

                                         Sofia, Bulgaria

  • October         6th  “Variations for brass quintet” – premiere at the “New Bulgarian Music”

                                         festival, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • May               26th “Concerto for electronically prepared keyboard,13 strings,percussions

                                       and computer”  –  premiere  at  the  “Polish – German  Sound  Factory  –  

                                       music  for computers and orchestra” , Wroclaw, Poland


  • December   16th “Water”  – Computer Music Space forum festival, Sofia , Bulgaria
  • November     9th “Bells Reflections” premiere   – concert of  Studio for computer

                                       composition at “Karol Lipinski” Music Academy‘s concert hall in a occasion

                                         of  The 65 Anniversary of the  Academy , Wroclaw, Poland

  • May                31st “Bells” for guitar quartet  premiere – concert in memoriam of our teacher

                                        prof. Dimitar Tupkoff,  Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts concert hall,

                                        Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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